Seven Seas Water Donates Towards Next Digikidz School

CAY HILL - DigiKids School is now the latest recipient of a generous donation recently made to the school by Seven Seas Water.

The donation was made to school representatives last week, when Franklyn Richards, General Manager of Seven Seas Water in St. Maarten visited the Hillside Christian School in Cay Hill.

Purpose of the visit had been to observe and experience the impact of technology in classrooms. The visit was a follow-up to the recently held DigiKidz Fundraising dinner at Moomba’s Restaurant, where Richards had pledged a donation of US$ 2,500 for the third DigiKidz School.

After equipping Asha Stevens Christian School and Seventh Day Adventist School, with ICT equipment and a training program, Foresee Foundation, the brain behind the DigiKidz project, committed itself to raising funds for the next school, Helmich Snijders in St. Peters.

Richards visited classrooms of teachers Fletcher and Prince in Kindergarten and Grade four, and was visibly impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of both students and staff. He praised their efforts and encouraged the schools and Foresee Foundation to “keep up the good work”.

Seeing the students and teachers at work in the Foundation Based Education (FBE) learning centers, with the digital board and laptops, he reiterated that “…it is here where it starts. With the launch of the DigiKidz pilot, technology will bring us a step further for all schools on St. Maarten.

“Next to embedding technology in the classrooms, students are trained for careers in technology and will be well equipped for the future labour market of our island. With the increased opportunities of virtual labs and online resources teachers have another challenge to incorporate these new technologies in their daily teaching. It is exciting to see how the school uses this way forward, to embrace technology in the different subject areas.”

Foresee Foundation expressed its appreciation to Seven Seas Water for the assistance granted in “this exciting next phase of its DigiKidz Projects”. The foundation said it is looking forward to additional local and international support from the business community and charity foundations.

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